Another Go

Time to resurrect this blog, after scrapping all my previous posts a while back. The old posts were quite dated in that I’ve changed quite a bit since I last wrote on this blog with any regularity. What are some of the changes? Here’s a few, personal and professional, past and pending:

  • got married (Aug 2012)
  • resumed teaching middle school Math after a three-year hiatus at a public school (Aug 2012)
  • moved to Rwanda (Jan 2013)
  • started co-writing another blog about life abroad with my wife (Jan 2013)
  • switched to teaching high school Social Studies at a private international school (Jan 2013)
  • welcomed our first kid into the world (Jan 2014)
  • will add Economics, Psychology, and Physics next year, subtracting US History and Comparative Government; will keep World History 1 & 2 (Aug 2014)

Lots of new perspectives, so lots of new directions for future posts.


Aesthetically Amazing and Awesome A4

Sure, I knew that American systems of measurement sucked. But I didn’t know that our standard paper size sucked until I met A4 almost a year ago.

How is it superior? The ratio of its length to its width is the square root of 2. If you cut this magical paper in half, the resulting size is called A5 and has the same ratio. Do it again and you have A6–same ratio.

Suffice it to say that I loathe the idea of ever going back to US Letter.